Discussion Groups

It's Life and Learning to suit you!

The WEA discussion Group Program is based around the formation of small friendly home-based groups - minimum 6 people, maximum 15 - wishing to meet regularly to discuss and learn, and enjoy the active exchange of ideas.

It's all so easy!
You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to run your own Discussion Group with shared roles and its simple system of operation. Here's what you have to do:

  1. Form Your Group
    Anyone can start a Discussion Group with some like-minded friends.
  2. Organise Your Meetings
    Decide where and when to meet, and for how long - usually fortnightly for two hours.
  3. Run Your Group
    Appoint a secretary to liaise with WEA and your tutor; a Discussion Leader to chair your meetings; and a Reporter to take notes and forward these to your tutor.

What Courses are on Offer?
Over 100 courses are available. History courses range from the ancient worlds of Egypt, Greece and Rome to famous figures of medieval and modern history. You can study the world's greatest literature, enjoy classical English and French novels, historical novels, modern literature, humour and satire, even science fiction and spy stories. Or travel by armchair to exotic places with the best known travel writers. There's drama, biography, science, fine arts, and music appreciation as well.

Phone 9264 2781 and ask for the Discussion Group Co-ordinator, or emailinfo@weasydney.nsw.edu.au


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