Student Information

On behalf of WEA Sydney, I would like to welcome you to the WEA and I trust your experience will be rewarding one.

We welcome feedback from our course participants and I encourage you to consider becoming a Student Representative on our monthly Council meetings. There are special leaflets on how to become a Student Representative in all our classrooms. Alternatively you can make your comments, good or bad, on our course evaluation sheets, or simply write to our education managers, Keen Wan
or Natalia Borisova.

Executive Director
Michael Newton

Mission Statement

WEA Sydney is a voluntary, independent, not-for-profit adult education organisation. Our mission is to provide adults with stimulating and varied educational activities that develop their knowledge, understanding and skills.

Within our program we place special emphasis on providing opportunities for the serious and objective study of the arts, humanities and sciences.

We are committed to:

• Maintaining excellence in all aspects of our work

• Encouraging students to participate in their own education and in the WEA democratic management structure

• Facilitating access for all who seek to take part in our activities

We believe that WEA activities are of value both to individuals and to their role as citizens in a democratic society.

A Democratic Organisation

Since its foundations in 1913, the WEA has been governed democratically by students and members though the WEA Council and its Committees. Why not become an active participant in the WEA. Phone 9264 2781 and we'll send you information on how to become a Council Member.


How to Get Involved

The democratic and voluntary traditions of the WEA have created an approach that is unique in adult education. The WEA believes that education can contribute to the creation of a more democratic and just society.

WEA's ability to involve students in their own learning has long been admired as has our willingness to contribute to educational debates. Whilst WEA Sydney offers a whole range of educational and training activities it has maintained its unique identity as a provider of courses in the humanities, arts and social sciences.

Any student enrolling in a current WEA class may nominate themselves at any time during the year as a student representative on the Council of WEA Sydney. Council meetings are held on the third Friday of each month at 5.30pm in WEA House.


We urge you to become a WEA Sydney member. In an era of declining government support for adult & community education, your membership provides tangible support for the association and entitles you to stand as a Representative of Individual Members on the WEA Sydney Council, the association’s monthly democratic forum.

Membership only costs $10 a year and includes two free members’ lectures with refreshments, and priority mailing of course catalogues.

WEA Sydney Student Code of Conduct & Student Handbook

By enrolling into a WEA Sydney course, students agree to abide by a series of basic rights and responsibilities.  These are clearly listed in the WEA Sydney Student Handbook, under the heading WEA Sydney Student Code of Conduct.

View a PDF of the WEA Sydney Student Handbook here

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